Exclusion Policy

Our policy is to ensure the safety and well being of all children in our care, the staff who work in the nursery and the parents/carers and visitors who come to our setting. By putting an exclusion policy and procedures into place we aim to cut down the spread of infection and therefore the amount of illness, which can affect those at the nursery.

All staff are trained to spot signs of illness and how to deal with them. However it must be pointed out that staff are not medically trained to diagnose illnesses, but give an honest opinion that a child is not well.

Parents are asked to be vigilant when it comes to letting us know that their child is unwell and what illness, if any, has been diagnosed, by a medical professional. This way we can keep a record and try to ensure we minimise the risk to others.

We promote a no tolerance attitude to diarrhoea and vomiting. No matter what the reason for diarrhoea or vomiting we cannot condone a child attending nursery, as it is very easy to pass on illness and infection in this manor.

If a child appears unwell when they arrive with parents/carer’s or it reported that the child is unwell, they will not be allowed to attend nursery for that day or for the relevant amount of time, which will be indicated in the exclusion periods table.

If after the correct period of exclusion your child returns to nursery and needs to complete their course of medication, we will continue to administer the medicine subject to the following:

  • The antibiotics display a clear prescription stating the child’s name, the dose to be given and the times
  • It is a current prescription relating to the period of absence
  • That we have a signed authorisation from a contracting parent or carer
  • We are unable to administer non-prescription medicines

We will not give a child medication to maintain a normal temperature, even if it is prescribed. If a child needs medication to stop them having a high temperature they are not well enough to attend nursery and must be taken home.

The only non-prescribed medicine we can administer, in an emergency, is Calpol. We will only administer Calpol if we have prior written permission; if the child’s does not have an allergy to the medicine and if the child has a high temperature. We cannot administer Calpol to prevent a temperature or for any other reason. If a parent or carer wishes to give their child Calpol in this way they must take them home. If a child is given Calpol the parents will be informed immediately and will be warned that if the temperature does not go down they will have to collect the child. Only one dose of Calpol (a maximum of 5mls) can be given by nursery staff.