It is our policy to ensure all children have access to the garden area on a daily basis, where available. Garden time is always included in the routine. If the weather does not permit us to be in the garden for our allocated time we either limit the amount of time or we bring in large equipment inside to enable the children to develop their gross motor skills.

Whenever possible the garden will be offered to the children on an ‘open flow’ basis allowing the children to choose when and if they access it.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure the outside area is safe and secure, before the children go outside.

This will involve checking all toys are safe, no signs of animal fouling or that water has collected in toys etc.

The garden checklist must also be filled out. These safety checks should be carried out before every trip into the garden

If toys are broken they must be removed from the garden and fixed or disposed of.

Whilst outdoor activities take place staff must ensure all fire exits are kept accessible at all times.

Children must never be left unsupervised at any time.

In hot weather children must wear sun cream, hats and suitable clothing so they are covered but not too hot. Shades areas should be provided wherever possible.

In cold weather if children go outside they must wear appropriate clothing to ensure they are warm enough, coats, hats and gloves.

In wet weather children can wear welly boots and use the umbrellas to explore the garden.

Before taking the children into the garden, if taking a group, a head count must be made and the time you are going out must be recorded on the garden register.

If garden facilities are not available the local park will be used as often as possible.

The nursery must also make compensations in the setting to bring the outside in, so that children are not missing out on experiences and development opportunities.