Key person policy

Every child in our care has a nominated key person. The main reason for this is so that each child can be given every opportunity to build a close relationship and thrive and grow in a way that is catered to their individual needs.

Every key person will work closely with the staff team and all children but will be the one to know that ‘bit more’ about their key child/ren.

The key person’s responsibilities are to discuss with parents/carers at the settling in stage, and throughout their time at nursery, all about their child. The key person will then know as much as possible about the child, their needs and wants with regard to their care and development.

Throughout the child’s time at nursery their key person will speak to the parents/carers and keep communication open so that any care and development needs and issues that arise can be discussed and dealt with, the child’s progress socially, emotionally and physically can be monitored and any plans to help the child in any areas of their development can be drawn up in partnership. This way the child will have the best possible consistency of care at home and at nursery and grow and develop in a positive way and to their full potential.

The key person will make and record observations of their key children and these will help them to identify their interests and use these to plan for their future development.

All activities and experiences offered to the children will be fed back to the staff team to ensure everyone is aware of the child’s development and incorporates their interests into relevant planning.

The manager, deputy and room leaders will all check on observations and planning regularly to ensure all children are given equal opportunities to enhance their developmental needs.

With a key person system in place we feel it ensures each child can develop to their full potential with care, support and encouragement from their key worker.