Late collection policy

We appreciate that, on occasion due to unforeseen circumstances; parents and carer’s may be unable to collect their children on time.

However, should a parent/carer fail to collect their child by the end of the session, without prior warning the following charges will be applied:

  • The nursery will charge a flat fee of £10.00 with an additional £1.00 per minute

Charges will be issued for all late collections, except where wavered by the manager due to exceptional circumstances. These charges will be levied to cover staffing costs, phone calls etc.

If we have not been informed of a parent/carer collecting their child/children late the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Contact parent or carer. If unsuccessful we will:
  2. Contact nominated emergency contact/s. If unsuccessful we will:
  3. If, after repeatedly trying, we have been unable to contact any nominated person we will inform the ‘out of hours duty social worker’ and act on their instructions

Telephone: 020 8726 6400 and ask for the ‘duty social worker’.

If it is necessary for an adult other than those already agreed at the time of registration, to collect the child we will use a unique password system to allow your child to be collected.

Two members of staff will stay at the setting with the child. Due to possible legal implications we are not able to take the child anywhere else.

All late collections are recorded and the parent / carer collecting the child must sign to acknowledge their lateness.

Continual lateness will be viewed as a child protection issue.