Menus and Nutrition

It is widely accepted that eating habits are formed early in life, so it is important to provide children with a healthy and varied diet to establish good habits for the future.

Research leads us to believe that when children are well nourished, eat regularly and include a wide variety of foods in their diet they are less likely to develop infections or, if they do, they will recover quicker, and are more able to maintain their energy and concentration levels. This is therefore the foundation for our specifically designed menus.

All staff involved in food preparation are suitably trained to do so. Our qualified and experienced team creates menus carefully planned to encompass a healthy and well balanced diet and adapts these as needed to cater for individual children dietary requirements.

Menus are planned on a six week rota with each offering breakfast, freshly made lunch and tea and a morning and afternoon snack. All meals are cooked on site each day.

Meal, and snack, times should be happy and relaxed and form an important part of the day. They present a shared social experience for children and staff. Children have an opportunity to develop healthy eating habits, that we hope will last them a lifetime, and learn about their individual needs, those of others and social skills including appropriate social interactions such as sharing and manners.

All children receive guidance and encouragement to maintain a healthy, balanced and varied diet and to try new foods and are encouraged to choose from the day’s menu, participate in laying the table and serving their own food.

Fresh drinking water is accessible to the children at all times throughout the day.

Good personal hygiene is promoted and children, staff and visitors wash their hands before meal times, snack times and after the toilet and playing with animals. Faces and hands are washed following eating and staff help children to develop independence in these routines.

Lullaby meets the standards set by Ofsted and environmental health. Our environmental heath rating is 5, the highest possible rating. We work closely with the ‘Croydon Team around the Setting’ and this includes liaising to ensure our menus meet current government guidelines on nutrition and healthy eating.