Outings procedure

For all outings the following procedure must be followed:

  • A suitable site is found for the children ahead of when you are planning to do the outing
  • A risk assessment of the site must be carried out and returned to your manager
  • You must consider all dangers, which may occur and find solutions to minimize that risk. For example, crossing roads, getting there and back, strangers etc
  • You must then fill out an outing request form and give this to your manager
  • Your manager will then approve the trip if it is a safe and well planned out trip. However if it does not seem a viable option then the request will be denied
  • Written permission must be obtained from all parents prior to the outing. For local trips to the park or around the block the parent contract will say if there is permission given or not. Individual permission is only needed if parents have requested to be informed of any local trip including the park etc., or if the trip will take place further a field in which case consent must be given per trip
  • Staffing ratios must be maintained as a minimum at the same level as in force in the nursery. However where possible it is recommended that additional adult supervision be planned to ensure safety throughout the trip. These people could include parents, carer’s, the cook, volunteers, work place students and the manager if they are supernumerary. If parents do join the group they are then responsible for their own child, which leaves the staff to concentrate on the rest of the children
  • All equipment needed for the trip, including buggies, first aid boxes etc must be organized and ready before the children are prepared to leave
  • A first aider must be among the group and a suitable first aid kit must be taken along
  • Emergency details are to be brought along for every child and adult on the trip
  • A working mobile and change for a public phone will be brought on the trip
  • If any children on the trip have any medication this must be brought along
  • A person must be identified to be the person in charge on the outing. This person has a responsibility to ensure the trip is safe and secure and everyone is accounted for
  • A head count must be taken before and at regular intervals on the outing
  • A label will be attached to the back of each child’s jacket. This will have the nursery name and telephone number on it. A member of staff will always remain behind at the setting in case of any emergencies. Where this is not possible one of the other nurseries will be informed that the building will be empty and any calls will be directed to them
  • Food will be supplied at the normal routine times. Drinks will be available at all times
  • Toilet facilities will be provided on a regular basis. Extra nappies, wipes, spare clothes etc will be brought on the outing
  • Transport on outings will be fully insured, drivers details will be kept on record at the setting, i.e. Mot certificate, insurance details and drivers licence. All safety seats will be used and any maximum capacity will not be exceeded. No child will be left unattended in a vehicle
  • If public transport is used the journey will be planned and times of public transport will be checked before the day to ensure as little travel time and waiting as possible
  • If the group is broken up into sub groups a designated person in charge will be assigned to each group and the same responsibilities apply as the person in charge of the outing
  • Meeting points will be pre-designated and times arranged when all the parties should assemble
  • At the conclusion of the outing the person in charge is to complete a review of the outing

(Please see the outing request form, risk assessment form and outing review form.)

(Please see and be fully aware of the policy and procedure for a lost child.)