Parent partnership policy

Abacus Childcare Settings is committed to working with parents/carer’s to provide a positive environment for all children.

We believe that the relationship between the setting and the parents/carer’s is crucial to the well-being, development and progress of every child.

We welcome parents to the setting and there is a two-way flow of information to ensure consistency of care.

In order to build up the relationships between the setting and the parents/carer’s we use the following methods:

  • An open door policy for all contracting parents/carers

(Operating an open door policy, means parents/carers are welcome in the nursery at any time. We respect parents/carers as the first carers/educators of their children and actively encourage their involvement in the daily life of the nursery. Staff will always do their utmost to make time to speak to parents/carers whenever they need us to and for situations that need a longer discussion or additional information/help we will arrange appointments, at a mutually convenient time).

  • Parent evenings
  • Informal parties for children and parents/carer’s
  • Box/book
  • Suggestion /Comments box/book
  • A daily exchange of information (this may be in various formats, e.g. verbally / via record sheet/book)
  • A parent notice board
  • A photograph board
  • Questionnaires
  • Phone calls
  • Newsletters

To name but a few.

Key person system

We have a key person system in place, which gives parents/carer’s and children with a vital link from the home to the nursery. The key person will aid the child and parents/carer’s in the settling in process and will monitor their key child’s progress throughout the time they spend with us, recording observations, identifying the child’s likes and dislikes and planning futures activities and experiences for them to help them develop.


All complaints will be dealt with fairly and promptly. (Please see our complaints procedure.)


All personal information on children, parents/carer’s and staff are kept in a lockable filing cabinet to which only authorized people have access to it.

Information will only be shared with the professionals directly involved with a child, parent/carer, or staff member. (Please see the confidentiality statement.)