Security policy

Our commitment is to the children we care for and their safety, as well as all staff and visitors in each setting.

The ways in which we deal with any security issues are:

Answering the door

Each setting has a procedure on how to answer the door at their setting. These will be found in each settings policies and procedures file. Essentially no body will be granted access to any part of the nursery that is unknown to us. Any visitor to the setting will sign in and out and be accompanied by a member of staff at all times. All parents, carers and emergency contacts will be written on each child’s file as authorised to collect. Special arrangements are made if someone not on this list will be collecting, parental written permission must be gained for this person before collection. All details of these can be found in the answering door procedure and collecting children policy. All staff are made aware of and adhere to the answering the door procedure.

Garden security

Little Engines does not have an outside area

Lullaby's at Little Village has high fencing all the way around their garden area. The garden gate has two bolts on it and is checked at the beginning and end of day. Access to the garden is gained from the nursery from the hall way by the kitchen and children’s bathroom. The children are supervised at all times by the correct or greater ratio of staff to children. All staff are aware of their responsibilities when in the garden.

Garden areas are checked for safety before each use and this is recorded on the appropriate form.

Building security

At the beginning and end of day staff check that all doors and windows are closed and locked as appropriate and record this on the appropriate forms. Limited amount of keys are distributed and all key holders must sign for their keys. Any keys lost will result in the locks being changed. All staff adhere to the beginning and end of day procedures.

Information security

All personal information of parents, carers, children and staff are all kept in lockable filing cabinets or boxes. We keep all documents for the limited times set out in the terms of our registration. We follow our confidentiality policy and the data protection act. More details on both of these can be found in our relevant policies kept in the policies and procedure file at all settings. All staff are made fully aware of the confidentiality policy and the data protection act.

Collection security

We have a collection procedure and all staff, parents and carers are made aware of this. All parents/carers will give us written a list of people who are allowed to collect their child at registration. This list will be followed and only deviated from if a parent informs us, preferably giving us written permission for someone else to collect. Where possible it is a good ides for that person to accompanying the parent on an occasion before they are due to collect so all staff are aware of whom they are. In a circumstance where this has not been possible and a person other that those authorised to do so will be collecting the child we must be informed by the parent/carer or an authorised person and we will ask for a unique password, the name of the person who will be collecting the child and a brief description of them. More details on this procedure can be found in the policies and procedure file.


All staff are fully vetted and checked that they are safe to work with children. We see original documents e.g. a passport, drivers licence etc to verify their identity. We also verify their address by seeing a bill in their name. All staff are CRB checked. All staff are not left on their own with any children whether CRB checked or not. More details of this procedure can be found in the new staff policy and staff admissions policy.