Teaching and Play Policy

Abacus Childcare Settings provide a stimulating and supportive environment for all children in our care. We value the essential support and contributions that parents/carers and the wider community provide, and feel this all helps towards enabling children to developing to their full potential.

We promote respect for cultural diversity and include all aspects of anti bias and equal opportunities into our planning, activities and attitudes to learning and play.

Our aims:

  • To provide an inclusive, wide and balanced curriculum and encourage progression for all children in every area of their development
  • To plan a stimulating environment using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework
  • To provide opportunities for each child to acquire the self esteem, skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to eagerly embark on their journey to the next stage of play and learning, whether that that is to go onto another early years setting or school
  • To build children’s self esteem and confidence as independent learners
  • To be aware of equal opportunities, inclusion and anti bias practice in our planning and implementation of the activities and experiences we offer the children in our care
  • To work closely with parents/carers working in partnership with them to ensure consistency of care and education for every child


Play is an appropriate medium of learning for young children. Children need first hand experiences so that they can experiment, gain knowledge, grasp concepts and master new skills.

Children are encouraged in their learning by the equipment, experiences and activities we offer them and most importantly the adults who support them.

Careful planning, observations and record keeping enables staff to consider individual children’s interests and needs and to plan future activities and experiences that are appropriate for each of them. Staff can look at these records with parents/carers helping them to gain knowledge of their children’s time at nursery and share ideas and information. It is important that plans are flexible and are changed as needed to ensure spontaneous learning opportunities and the children’s particular interests are explored as these are most valuable learning experiences.

Good self esteem is vital in order for children to be able to learn and therefore lots of play opportunities are offered that help to develop each child confidence and ability to express his or her own needs, wants, likes, dislikes and feelings. We ensure these experiences will show every child that we value and respect them, their family, race, culture, religion, language, gender and background.


As nursery nurses our main focus for every aspect of the nursery day is around the children. Our staff team is caring and actively promotes learning through play.

Our expectation of staff is that they have a professional, patient and caring attitude. They must be willing to explore every avenue of development in order to appropriately support the children they care for. Staff encouragement and being positive is essential for helping children in every area of their development.

The staff team regularly attend training in order for them to develop professionally so they are best equipped to aid all children in their care.

We have a key worker system in place which helps to provide a suitable environment for the children to build relationships and learn in and for staff to truly focus on the individual child’s needs.

All staff are responsible for providing a positive and stimulating learning environment. This includes a safe and clean space in which to explore, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and activities, decoration and displays that spark interest and opportunities for learning.

Planning is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and in order to accurately reflect this we encourage all staff to take part in relevant training.

Our long term plan is that our support and the activities and experiences we provide guides the children in our care to develop to their full potential during their time with us and prepares them for further learning as they change settings

Our medium term plan looks at activities and experiences linked to children’s individual interests and needs.

Our short term plan is flexible and created for one week planned learning aims with lots of space to allow for children’s interests and unplanned events. It incorporates ‘next step’ activities planned according to individual children’s interests and needs.

All our planning is simply in place as a guide and is completely flexible and can be changed as and when needed to allow for spontaneous learning and the individual ideas, interests and needs of the children as we recognise that exploring these opportunities is vital to their all round development.

Room leaders will support their team and review their observation and planning on a daily and weekly basis as necessary. The nursery manager, or deputy in the managers’ absence, will review these regularly and as a minimum once a month.

In order to ensure that the ethos of Abacus Childcare Settings is maintained the manager will carry out regular staff meetings and training sessions and staff supervisions (3 monthly) and appraisals (annually after 1 years service) at which the policy and procedures of the company will be one of the points discussed.