Voucher payments

Some parents are able to access childcare vouchers from their place of work.

We participate in most Childcare Voucher Schemes and would register to a new scheme if a parent requested this and we were eligible.

  • Please note we charge a £25 set up administration fee for each set of vouchers, and also for any changes of scheme provider, while your child is at the nursery
  • Please be aware that the fees payable from these scheme are also liable for a £5.00 a day late fee, if the company does not pay the money into our account by the 1st of each month (in advance) or the last banking day of the previous month if the 1st falls at a weekend/Bank Holiday

Most parents voucher contribution covers part of their monthly fees with the balance remaining to be pay by themselves. Amounts may vary each month.

Staff will ensure they record all different payments separately, even if they are for the same month payment, on the children’s individual fees sheets. Staff will check with head office that we have indeed received the expected payments.

Vouchers can be redeemed in a variety of ways e.g:

  • Parents/carers set up so that the scheme they are registered with pay direct to our account with a reference that will let us know whom the payment is for
  • Parents/carers set up an account with the voucher scheme and transfer the funds direct to our account from their each month
  • Abacus receives emails informing us when payments, from some schemes, are due to be paid to us

Each scheme we are registered with should provide all the details we need to ensure we receive payments.

Parents need to be aware that voucher payment must clear in our account by the 1st of each month in advance or a late payment fee will be charged. Ensuring these payments are set up and managed correctly is their responsibility.