Call Lullaby's at Little Village direct on:

020 8665 0595

We are open from 8am - 6pm

18 Selhurst Place,
South Norwood,
SE25 5PY.

Food & Menus

We provide three freshly prepared meals and 3 fruit snacks everyday.

We have a four to six week rota of menus which provide a healthy and balanced diet. Our menus are seasonal and will change accordingly and always take into account the children’s individual needs.

Our menus ensure children are offered their ‘5 a day’ fruit and vegetables.

Abacus Childcare Settings are very proud of the wide range of food provided for the children we care for. We regularly attend ‘healthy eating’ courses and keep up to date with current issues concerning children’s meals.



Selection of cereals / baby cereals and milk


Jacket Potato, baked beans, coleslaw and grated cheese




Bagels with ham or cheese spread




Selection of cereals / baby cereals and milk

Chicken and vegetable stew, rice and sweet corn


Tuna sandwiches with cucumber



Selection of cereals / baby cereals and milk

Steamed fish, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans

Jam tarts and fresh cream

Meat balls



Selection of cereals / baby cereals and milk

Sausages (pork or vegetarian) potato wedges and mixed vegetables

Homemade fruit cake

Cheese on toast



Selection of cereals / baby cereals and milk

Spaghetti Bolognaise and garden peas

Fruit cocktail

Hot dogs or vegetarian dogs in a bun


Dietary Needs

All dietary needs are reviewed, on settling, with parents and are accommodated within the nursery menu wherever possible, ensuring we cater for every child’s individual needs, whether they are allergies, intolerances, religious beliefs or personal wishes.


When your child reaches the stage you begin weaning them at home we will be here to offer support, follow your instructions and provide consistency of care to assist their development through this important step.

We liaise with you on which foods you have introduced at home. We will not introduce any food that you haven’t already tried at home with your child.

The nursery menus will be adapted for your child’s weaning needs.

Drinking Water

Fresh drinking water is made available to all children constantly throughout the day.

Water is offered at all meal times as part of the menu.

All requests from a child to have a drink are responded to, and a drink is provided immediately.

Individually labelled beakers and water bottles are available at snack time and throughout the day. The children are made aware that drinks are available and they are encouraged to locate their own bottle/beaker if they are able to.

Food Hygiene

We take all food preparation and hygiene matters very seriously and as such ensure all staff involved in food preparation have, a minimum of, the basic food hygiene qualification.